araabMUZIK Was Shot In Harlem

Former Dipset producer and current EDM festival killer araabMUZIK was ambushed by gunmen at a Harlem parking garage last night (Feb. 25) and sustained two gunshot wounds to the jaw and right arm. According to a report from the New York Daily News, the producer had just left a friends house and was leaving the garage behind the wheel of his friend’s BMW when two assailants approached the car and opened fire. His friend James Molloy was also hit and sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. araabMUZIK is originally from Rhode Island, and you may recall that back in 2013 he was shot in his home state during an attempted robbery. The News report makes no mention of a robbery or confrontation, so this one might have been personal. In any event, he made a full recovery following the previous incident, and by all accounts it seems like he’ll be brushing this one off as well.araabMUZIK